True to form we made our usual late start Monday: this one a little worse than others: 5 pm! It was a fidgety drive to Carrie’s for me. I wanted to see Jack, but also knew it was a  travel night to the real beginning of our trip west.

Decided to get a pedicure before leaving for Chris’s on Tuesday.  Always feel so much better when the toes are done 😚,  so another late start.  Have to get better at leaving early!

Tim just can’t resist a coin pusher game, found at our lunch stop!


Did you know that they grow cranberries in Wisconsin? I didn’t either until we saw the cranberry bogs. They even have a Cranberry Festival.

Today was a beautiful weather day, sunshine and a little cool with no humidity, and we took advantage and went into downtown Minneapolis and St Paul.
Visited the Guthrie Theatre with wonderful views of Ole Miss and the arched bridges from its upper floors. The theatre was in the mill district with the grain mills of the last century (Mill City Museum).

We went for a retro for lunch at Mickey’s Diner!

Afterwards, it was a self-directed tour of the Cathedral of St Paul.

All in all, a pleasant visit with our friends, Chris and Joe!