There was a pretty little lake we were told to take a look at by Keith. The bridge across was an adventure.


Happened  upon the settlement of Bankhead on our trip out of the Banff area.   There is a train left from the time.  A sad story….


We had to get gas before we got too far and found this quaint gas pump  and it worked!   We later realized that there were a lot of  hot springs around the area when we stopped to see why so many cars were stopping at this place.  It was a place to swim in the hot spring water.  It was 53*!!

We stopped along the road to take pictures of curiosities.  I see a picture I need to paint in the future.  Then it was time for lunch at a little roadside park.  And then more curiosities.

Then we had our own hot spring experience.  Temp of the outside pool was in the 90’s and inside the cave it got up to 110 or more!  I didn’t last long in there! That’s Tim in the second pool pic and you can just make him out in the cave.


Breakfast at the Dragonfly fly was delicious.  The last leg of the trip was along a scenic drive.