Internet has been spotty, but we are back! And this a long post!

It was finally a pretty nice day for our trek to Lake Louise.  That hill/tunnel over the road is actually a wildlife crossing.  There were several along the way.

The Lake Louise Ski area was our destination for a ride up the “hill”!  We chose the open chair vs. the enclosed gondola, despite the chilly day.  We also had some wildlife company where we dismounted.

There was a wildlife interpretive center a downhill walk from the lift.  I knew we had to walk back up, so we indulged in a little appetizer for strengthening with our “hot toddy with a view”!  We saw this little snowman on our walk back and Tim decided it needed a mouth.


The  it was time for the ride down.  Can you see Lake Louise in one of the last pics? It’s a white spot in the center……

Then it was on to the actual Lake Louise which was behind a chateau.


A few more pics along the road, then dinner with our nephew.  I tried some Canadian poutine.